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This web site is the home of the WebSkulker Newsletter which is sent out daily to email addresses all over the world.  Subscriptions are free and you won't be spammed.  Just type your email address in the form above and press the "Free Subscription" button, or go to our subscription page for details.

For more information about the newsletter, click on the WebSkulker's Rules and FAQ links on the left.  You can also read the latest issue and previous issues from our archive.

WebSkulker invites contributions from our subscribers.  If you have a great joke,  web site, shareware program, or anything else that will fit in with the style of the newsletter, please click on the links at the left to submit them for consideration.  Jokes will be published as-is.  WebSkulker will go to submitted web sites and will download and run submitted shareware programs.  He will then write his own description and evaluation of them for publication.