WebSkulker's Rules

  1. WebSkulker will never sell or allow anyone else to use the mailing list for the newsletter, and will never send anything to the list except the newsletter.  Subscribe in confidence that you will not be spammed.


  3. WebSkulker works alone.  Any references to "we" refer to him and his cat.


  5. WebSkulker always refers to himself in the third person.  This is because the cat is actually the one who writes the newsletter.


  7. WebSkulker reads lots of other email newsletters and may rip off ideas from them.  However he will always visit the site, download and use the shareware, or whatever, and write his own description and evaluation of it.


  9. WebSkulker is egotistical and loves to point out errors and lapses in other email newsletters.


  11. WebSkulker hates Mac's and will rag on them at every opportunity.  He especially loves pointing out Internet facilities that won't work for Mac users.


  13. WebSkulker hates AOL and may rag on it from time to time as well.


  15. WebSkulker loves the jokes that everyone passes around by email.  Any sent to him may end up in the newsletter.  He is generally politically correct, but will include jokes that he thinks are funny no matter who they may offend.

This creature is a raccoon, not a cat.
It "skulked" into WebSkulker's house
via the cat door to steal Ms. Cat's food.