WebSkulker's Cat

Hello jr. skulkers, I am WebSkulker's cat and in case you didn't know, I am the one who actually writes the WebSkulker Newsletter.  See the FAQ page for an explanation of how we work together.  You can send me email at ms.cat@webskulker.com and I promise I will answer.

I want to tell you my name, but WebSkulker won't let me.  He says I'm under 18, so I have to be very careful about my online privacy and not give out too much personal information.  This is because, he says, "there are bad cat's out there who would just love to get hold of a little pussy," and then he starts laughing uncontrollably.  I don't understand why he thinks that's so funny, so maybe one of you can explain.

Here are some pictures of me in the office.  Click here to return to the home page, and as soon as you get there, please fill in your email address to subscribe to my newsletter.

This is me dictating an issue of the
newsletter as WebSkulker types.

Here I am proofreading a change to the
web site.  Good thing I did because
he misspelled three words!

This is why I hate i Mac computers.
Notice how well I can balance on
a PC monitor, but on the sloped
back of an i Mac, forget it!

WebSkulker asked me what I think
of the i Book notebook computers.