To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Wednesday June 21, 2000

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Don't skulk that dial!

Past issues of WebSkulker have mentioned sites that offer multiple channels of music to listen to while web skulking, and searchable lists of real world radio stations that also broadcast on the web.  A couple of jr. skulkers suggested another one of each type:

Jr. Skulker Leonard Morris suggests Mediamazing for it's 28 channels of music programming and one comedy channel.  You can specify as many channels as you like, and their player will randomly play you songs from the different categories.  As each song (or comedy routine) is playing, you will see information about it and you can press the "Skip Song" button to go on to the next one if you don't like it.


Jr. Skulker Barry Rueger suggests Kerbango as a great front-end for listening to radio stations on the web.  They have a database of over 5000 real-world and web-only stations that broadcast in RealAudio and Windows Media formats.  You view the list by categories, or search for keywords.  Click on the Play button on each entry to automatically launch the proper player.

One navigation tip about Kerbango: when you click on a major category from their home page, "Talk" for example, you will get a screen that lists only a small number of stations, which will make you think that their database is tiny.  It turns out that these are their "Featured" stations that probably pay them money.  To see the rest of the database for that category, click on one of the tiny green links just above the list of featured stations.  If you like a station, you can associate it with one of the Preset buttons like a car radio.

Kerbango is also working on a standalone box that looks and acts like a table radio, except that it can connect to the Internet all by itself and play any of the stations in the Kerbango database.  Go here to see more details:

Skulk in the privacy of your own home

This site is in some respects an ad for the author's book Computer Privacy Handbook, but there is a lot of information on the site about how to protect your anonymity and privacy when dealing with email and web sites.

Launch your own skulking satellite

This item is mainly for jr. skulkers with high-speed Internet access because it involves a 12 Mb download, but if that doesn't bother you, this is pretty interesting.  It is a complete manual including lots of color pictures in PDF format for the French Ariane 5 rocket that is used to launch satellites.  The manual is for "users" of the system, but it isn't exactly clear who that might be; possibly companies that manufacture satellites and need to contract with a service to launch them.

Twisted Skulkers

Jr. Skulker Anthony Barbera suggested that we look at the web site for radio station 98 Rock FM in Baltimore, MD.  Most of the site seems pretty boring for people who aren't fans of the station, but the link above goes to their Twisted Tunes page with a lot of funny sound files including parodies of songs, politicians, and commercials.

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulkers Chris Custer and Giovanni Navarrete

The Top 20 Arguments in Microsoft's Appeal

20.  Your Honor, all of our arguments have been posted on 

19.  But I appeared in a commercial wearing a sweater! Would an evil overlord of an industry-crippling monopoly appear on TV wearing a *sweater*? 

18.  Okay, let me get this straight: You're saying you want us to have *two* monopolies instead of one?!? 

17.  Her first name ain't Baby, it's Janet -- Miss Reno if you're nasty! 

16.  Continue with this foolishness, mortal, and I will be forced to unleash the vengeance of my 500-foot metal battle-robot, Mechasoft! 

15.  This court has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. [Close] [Details] 

14.  Splitting the company would leave the whole world domination thing wide open for Oprah. 

13.  Our reasons for appealing this judgment are myriad and a bit complicated to explain because you people are -- no offense -- WAY too stupid to understand. 

12.  Isn't anyone at all concerned that McDonalds sells breakfast AND lunch? 

11.  Once we start splitting, there'll be no end to it. We'll continue multiplying and dominating every market we enter. Beware the tribble factor!! 

10.  We've got fifteen million reasons to throw out this case -- in small, unmarked bills. 

9.  Divestiture will restrict the free flow of pornography guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights. 

8.  If Windows and our applications can't work together, the system may become unstable and prone to crashing... Ha!! Just a little humor, Your Honor!! 

7.  Let me explain it this way, Your Honor: as part of Microsoft's endless commitment to serving the needs of its users, we track all traffic to  Do you catch my drift, gavelman778? 

6.  Lay off, or the animated paperclip gets it! 

5.  We've begun the split, Your Honor, by appointing Donato the head of one company and Marisleysis the head of the other. 

4.  Immunity from prosecution was clearly stipulated in Mr. Gates' blood contract with Satan. 

3.  A split would force Microsoft to release some of its geeks back into the wild, making America 90% less sexy. 

2.  Mr. Gates agrees to remove the helmet, breathing apparatus and cape, and refrain from strangling or hurling heavy equipment at his adversaries. In exchange, he gets to keep the Death Star. 

and the Number 1 Argument in Microsoft's Appeal... 

1.  Two companies would mean Melinda would have to sleep with Bill twice each year to retain her stock options.


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