To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Monday May 1, 2000

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Skulking through past issues

Our 4/27/00 issue had a URL pointing to a parody of the Budweiser "Whazzup" commercial, featuring Elian Gonzales, the fisherman, the Immigration storm trooper, Janet Reno, and Fidel Castro in the starring roles: Skulker Leonard Logan wrote to tell us the URL to the site of the original author of the parody:  He is no longer showing it on his site because the Associated Press objected to his use of their photographs.

Our 4/25/00 issue mentioned that Dialpad now has a version that lets you dial numbers in Korea:  Jr. Skulker Dan Northridge tried to use this, then wrote to us: "I tried getting an account on Dialpad Korea. Problem is, the registration form is in Korean, I don't have a Korean language translator, and the Dialpad registration forms for the English version don't match the Korean ones enough to figure out what to put in what blanks. Maybe you or your cat know or could ask."

Sorry Dan, we don't know.  If any of you jr. skulkers figures out how to use the Dialpad Korea site, please send us detailed instructions and we will publish them.

Our 1/17/00 through 1/21/00 issues featured items about ICQ.  You jr. skulkers who use that fine product will want to download and install a major new version that was released recently, 2000a.  You can download it from:

This page explains what's new:

Skulking in the mesh

Jr. Skulker Dan Northridge suggested this site as an alternative to Napster.  He writes: "You should also mention iMesh. This is a great service that makes it easy to share files of any sort -- video, photos, music, even .exe's. It is without a doubt the most tenacious, fast search-and-download file sharing service I've found yet. They've also got about twice the number of people sharing files that Napster has, and to my knowledge, no legal problems at this point."

The iMesh web site lets you search for files shared by other users, and invites you to click to download them.  But this only works if you have downloaded and installed the iMesh software.  Once you have the software running, you don't need the web site's search engine because the iMesh software can do the same search.  The iMesh install program doesn't tell you to reboot your PC after installing, but this is essential.  WebSkulker tried on two PC's and it wouldn't work correctly until after a boot.

Note that iMesh is like Napster in that it requires a connection to their central server, so the iMesh service can be blocked by system administrators, and a court could order it shut down.  If Napster and iMesh ever get shut down, you can always use the Gnutella program we discussed in the 4/28/00 issue which doesn't use any central server.  Gnutella is a lot more fun to play with because of the way everyone connects through everyone else and the monitoring facility built in, but iMesh is probably a much more practical system as long as it lasts.

Record your skulks professionally

This is the home page for the CoolEdit 2000 shareware program.  "If your Windows computer has a sound card or sound module (as almost all do), Cool Edit 2000 can turn it into a recording studio with all of the features used by professional audio engineers. You can use it to record your own music, voice or other audio, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Echo to it, equalize it, and master it so that you can burn it to a CD, post it on the World Wide Web, or email it. Once you get started, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!"

Some jr. skulkers will be especially interested in the CoolEdit feature that lets you generate touchtone and MF tones.   

Deep skulking

Jr. Skulker Seth Jenkins told us about this site which has quotes from Jack Handy of Saturday Night Live fame.  Each time you press "reload", the page will refresh with a different quote.  You can also press the link "Another Deep Thought".

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulker Dan Dunkel

The Day the NASDAQ Died (sung to the tune of "American Pie" by the
incomparable Don McLean)

A long, long week ago 
I can still remember how the market used to make me smile 
What I'd do when I had the chance 
Is get myself a cash advance 
And add another tech stock to the pile. 

But Alan Greenspan made me shiver 
With every speech that he delivered 

Bad news on the rate front 
Still I'd take one more punt 

I can't remember if I cried 
When I heard about the CPI 
I lost my fortune and my pride 
The day the NASDAQ died 

So bye-bye to my piece of the pie 
Now I'm gettin' calls for margin 
'Cause my cash account's dry 
It's just two weeks from a new all-time high 
And now we're right back where we were in July 
We're right back where we were in July 

Did you buy stocks you never heard of? 
QCOM at 'bout 150 or above? 
'Cos George Gilder told you so 

Now do you believe in Home Depot? 
Can Wal-Mart save your portfolio? 
And can you teach me what's a P/E ratio? 

Well, I know that you were leveraged too 
So you can't just take a long-term view 
Your broker shut you down 
No more margin could be found 

I never worried the whole way up 
Buying dot-coms from the back of a pickup truck 
But Friday I ran out of luck 
It was the day the NAAAASDAQ died

I started singin' 
Bye-bye to my piece of the pie 
Now I'm gettin' calls for margin 
'Cause my cash account's dry 

It's just two weeks from a new all-time high 
And now we're right back where we were in July.


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