To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.

Friday November 19, 1999

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WebSkulker's odd facts

Jr. Skulker Mike Durkin sent us an email yesterday pointing out that today, 11 / 19 / 1999, is the last date with all odd digits until 1 / 1 / 3111 so we should celebrate.  If only he had mentioned this weeks ago so we could have planned something!

Today would also be an excellent day for jr. skulkers to visit the Microsoft Windows Update site at because a bunch of new items just showed up.  There is a new version 5.01 of Internet Explorer, which seems to have mainly bug fixes with few new features.  Here is a description of the changes:

If you want to download IE 5.01 and other items from Windows Update, you must choose IE 5.01 alone, click Download, and complete the download and installation and reboot.  Then go back to Windows Update and check anything else you want.  Note that several of the update items are included in the IE 5.01 download, so when you go back to Windows Update after installing that, some items will no longer be there.

Jr. skulkers should get their chicken soup ready

This site tracks the spread of the annual flu across the U.S.  "SDI provides weekly information on the incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza in over 75 cities across the United States.  The data on laboratory-confirmed influenza is gathered on an ongoing basis each week during the flu season from approximately 200 clinical virology laboratories distributed across the country."

Click on your state to see a map with colored areas showing this week's Normal, Advisory, Pre-Alert, and Alert.  Click on a city to see a graph comparing the onset of flu this year compared to last year.  Click on the "View Table" button under the graph to see the detailed reports.

Skulking through telephone history

This site contains a lot of pictures and text and links about the history of the telephone network and telephone instruments.  The author is an active collector of antique telephone instruments, so much the material is about that hobby.

Skulking in the real world

Have you ever skulked down a highway and seen a giant donut in front of a donut store or a giant statue of a cowboy?  How about a giant saxophone made out of Volkswagen hoods?  This site collects contributions of pictures and descriptions of this sort of oddity and presents the data state by state.  For a good introduction to the flavor of the site, see this page with the latest pictures:

This is a good starting page to see the material state by state:

Here are some videos, including ones about oddities that no longer exist:

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulker Marlo

Unofficial "Who's Who" guide to black nightclubs

This guy spends all week in the gym and needs little or no reason to take off his tight @$$ shirt revealing an even tighter top, so tight you can see his heart beating, and parade's around the club like Mr. Universe. 

You know her . . . 300 lbs. size 48, buys a size 6 red and yellow spandex outfit. To the horror of others, she wears it to the club. 

Takes three hours to finish one drink, then tries to fool everyone for another hour with a glass full of icewater & a straw. Has $3.50 in his pocket and a token. 

THE O.G.'s
Stands for "Old Guys". These guys just can't get over the fact that they are TOO OLD to be at the club. Their clubbing days are so far behind them their kids can legally buy alcohol. They try to be down with the younger generation by wearing gold fronts and try to speak slang using phrases like "What's up money!" and "That's fresh!" 

She's that girl that's basically doing the two step dance, until her song comes on and she screams to her girl friends "OOOH GIRL, THAT'S MY SONG!!!" From this point on it's shake what your mamma gave ya and she will dance with what ever is in front of her, guy, girl, bar, wall, speakers, etc. 

This is the one that buys a new outfit for the club; travels miles from home at night to the club; pays $15.00 to get in the club; and when he's finally in the club . . he just stands against the wall sipping on a cup of Pepsi fronting like it's rum-n-coke. 

Stepped out of the latest rap video, he feels the need to let everyone in the club know what name brand designer clothing he's wearing, down to his socks because he must have that one pant leg up. It may be pitch black in the club, but he's got $300 Versace sunglasses on. He's also the one making a call from the noisy dance floor on his cell phone, with a bottle of MOET (with the label facing outward so everyone can see) in his other hand... 

The female African American equivalent of Siskel & Ebert, but they don't review movies. Their table is right near the door so they can "review" everyone who comes in: "That does NOT match, not even in the dark." "Uh, uh, no she didn't, she need to go back to the hair shop and finish gettin her hair did!"; "His baby mamma must dress him." 

THE 1st AND 15th POSSE
We only see them in the club around these dates... 

He's the guy that loves to walk all over the club when it's crowded squeezing through girls and getting his free feels. 

Not the TV host. She has no money, but somehow gets some sucker to buy her drinks all night---usually BILLBOARD BILLY (see above). 

Has been in and out of jail so many times, he has no clue as to what is in or out of style. He shows up in a "Malcolm X" cap, gold fronts, an "Eight Ball" leather jacket and a silk polka dot shirt....TATIANNA & LAQUITA have a field day with them. 

They look good in the club, but outside.....AHHH DAMN!! And I bought you, a drink! 


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