To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Tuesday August 29, 2000

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Skulking through past issues

In the 4/10/2000 issue WebSkulker mentioned a site that would register an Internet domain for you totally free,  Three jr. skulkers, Batteryman, Ravendug, and RedBoxChiliPepper, sent us messages today about a new site that does exactly the same thing,  Both namezero and namedemo will register a .com, .org, or .net name of your choice and redirect it to a web site that you already have on another service.  So if you have a site at geocities or some other free site, you can get a nice name for that site.  But as a tradeoff for the free registration, namezero and namedemo impose an ad bar in a frame at the bottom of your page.


In last Friday's issue WebSkulker talked about the new $89.95 routers that make it easy to share a DSL line or cable modem with several computers in a house.  Jr. Skulker NevarMore suggested an even cheaper alternative for the jr. skulker who likes to experiment. has a router operating system that you can download free and run on an old 386 or above PC.  You also need to install two Ethernet cards in this PC and spend a lot of time configuring everything.  WebSkulker doesn't think this is worth the bother because you won't save that much money, and the PC-based router will be a lot larger and noisier than the routers made specially for this purpose.  But if you already have an old machine sitting around and want to skulk around this free operating system, then this might be a good project for you. 

-------   1-800-4BVOCAL

In the 6/22/2000 issue WebSkulker talked about the BeVocal service where you register and set up options at their web site, then call the toll-free number for information from a speech input and voice synthesizer output machine.  At that time, one of their services was to give you detailed driving instructions for getting from one place to another, but only in California.  They have now expanded their service to give driving instructions for the entire U.S., and of course all of this is free.


In last Friday's issue WebSkulker mentioned this site with four live web cams inside a jail.  Jr. Skulker Robert Reite wrote to us:

"Actually, it's camera 3 in the Arizona Jail that has the search. In case you haven't figured it out already, the room that they seem to just walk in and out of real quick contains a metal detector. I also find it interesting that they have the suspects take off their shoes, I guess to check them physically for weapons or other contraband. 

Camera 4 is a long shot down the hall. If you wait long enough, they will put someone in holding cell #4, which is nearest camera #4. When the door to cell #4 is open, you can see the 'collect call only' pay phone just inside the door."

Pop goes the skulker

Poptel has several services, but the only one WebSkulker found interesting was their free PC-to-phone service to several countries around the world.  They have a pay service with fairly low rates, but they also have a sponsor area where on any particular day you can make 5-minute long calls to various countries free, with ads from a sponsor showing during the free call.

The navigation on this site is unusual.  Build an account by pressing the Join Poptel Now button.  Then login and click on the word "Connect" on the left, under the "Pick and click" picture.  Drop down the choice box that says "choose one" and choose "free pc2phone" to see which countries you can call free today.

Note that they will mail you a free headset to use for the PC-to-phone calls.

Sex, drugs, and skulkers

Loompanics has been publishing books for many, many, years that jr. skulkers will surely like.  Go to their site, click on the Online Retail Catalog link, and skulk around to see what we mean.  Note that there is a search button at the bottom of each catalog page where it's hard to find.

Jr. Skulker Bob Rowell wrote us to recommend Paul Krassner's latest book available from Loompanics: Sex, Drugs & the Twinkie Murders.  You can find this by going to the Loompanics catalog and searching on the word "Krassner".  Bob writes: "This book is a large collection of the Realist publishers' work from the 50s to the 90s. Paul's lampoonery, humor, political insight, 60s stories and commentaries are classics that deserve lots of attention and result in a thousand laughs.  Chapters include: 

I Was An Abortionist for the FBI (recalling the days prior to Roe Vs. Wade when he ran an illegal abortion referral service, assisted countless women and briefly funded Bill Baird's birth control clinic); The Persecution of Lenny Bruce; The Disneyland Memorial Orgy; John Lennon and the FBI; The New Age Odd Couple; Wavy Gravy's Rainbow Bridge; Condoms Are Us (which acknowledged the Condom Lady's legendary underground radio show in Phila. that mostly dealt with safer sex info for all orientations and lifestyles, detailed info on reproductive health and services, as well as detailed needle exchange/ harm reduction info); Speaking of Scumbags (the impeachment trial and hypocrisy); Abbie Hoffman's Forehead; The Swinger's Convention; Allen Ginsberg's Last Laugh; The Great Kurt Vonnegut Cyberhoax; The Missing Episode of Seinfeld; The Love Song of Timothy Leary; The Sexual Misadventures of Female Comedians; The Tabloidization of America; Rapture, Schmapture; Kenneth Starr Meets JonBenet Ramsey; and Predictions for 2000. 

So far, the book has been a scream. Similar to his CDs and other books, this is informative and highly entertaining."

Only the strong skulk

"Darwin Awards celebrate Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by commemorating the remains of those who contributed to the improvement of our gene pool by removing themselves from it."  In other words, stories about people who did really stupid things to get themselves killed.

Thanks to Jr. Skulker Randy Solton for suggesting this site.

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulker Dan Northridge

Another new ruby find in Vietnam 

BANGKOK GEMOLOGIST, Adrian Phallus, stunned the world gem trade recently when he displayed specimens from yet another new ruby mine in Vietnam. It is the third time in five years that Phallus has managed to confound critics. And once again, Vietnam is the home of the new deposit. The new mine is located in north-central Vietnam, near the village of Long Dong. 

Adrian Phallus first hit the headlines in 1987 when, after a 30-year search through the Thai bush, he uncovered a major ruby deposit at Shlong Yai. But Phallus’ mining claims were eventually invalidated by Thai courts. Shortly thereafter, Phallus shocked experts by announcing that the loss of the Shlong Yai mines was unimportant, and that he was prospecting potentially far more rich deposits at an undisclosed location. This turned out to be Phuc Yu, north of Hanoi. 

Phallus stated that the new find was likely the most important since the now-exhausted Chinese ruby deposits at Wanking were uncovered in 1877. The Long Dong crystals generally occur as elongated stalks, with just the tips being red, and reportedly reach an amazing ten inches in length. Phallus excitedly exclaimed “It’s been a long time since the gem trade has seen something of Wanking quality. Long Dong’s time has come.” The new material is expected to provide stiff competition to that from Shlong Yai in an ever-expanding market.


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