To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Friday August 11, 2000

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WebSkulker apologizes...

... but of course it's the cat's fault.  WebSkulker would never make a mistake.  Yesterday's edition talked about the free Streamer service that lets you watch the details of your portfolio of stocks second by second in real time whenever the market is open.  The URL given in the emailed version of that issue was wrong.  Actually it was the same URL that Ms. Cat started with when she first heard about Streamer, but you have to skulk around a lot from that URL to figure out what Streamer is and how to register to use it.

WebSkulker should have given the above URL with an animated picture showing exactly what Streamer is about, and you can click on the "Register for Streamer" link on the left to get directly to the registration page.  That page gives you two choices, "Open an Account" or the bad grammar "Register Now Streamer".  Use the second one if you just want to use Streamer without opening an account with their brokerage.

The bad link was only in the email edition, and was fixed very quickly in the archived version on the web site.

Free skulk site with no ads

WebSkulker is always on the lookout for ways to make free long-distance phone calls (even though they are so cheap nowadays that who cares) and for free web hosting services that let you make your own web page without any ads of any kind forced onto your page. fits the latter category very well, and they even promise that they will never force advertising.  They do, however, put a thin bar at the bottom of your page advertising their own service, but this isn't very annoying.

For beginners, they provide a lot of templates and tools and a java program that all help you build a site without knowing any HTML.  Or you can insert your own HTML code if you know how. 

Dead skulking methods

Jr. Skulker Wes Chester told us about this site with historical notes about all kinds of dead media such as carrier pigeons, magic lanterns, typewriters, pneumatic tubes, wire recorders, and many, many others.  There is a section on telephones, although many of those items really aren't about phones.  The first link talks about the project; the second is an index of all the notes, and probably the best place to start.

Skulking hits the spot

BBspot has phony news stories that are satires of real world events, and are often quite funny.  The two links above go to different lists of articles, so try both.  WebSkulker likes these two:

Microsoft Purchases Evil From Satan:

Eminem to Deny Wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation:

Many think that Eminem may not be up to the task, that his raps dissing people from Christina Aguilera to his own mom are all just an act. Little Kelly Smith, who has been given just a few more months to live, disagrees, "I won't get to visit the Grand Canyon like I always dreamed, but being told by Eminem that I was a 'whiney little bitch' was just as good." 

"I wanted to go to see the Yankees at the World Series," said leukemia sufferer Timmy Johnson, "but Eminem told me that I was gonna die soon anyway so why bother? It was pretty cool." The Make-A-Wish Foundation saved over $7,000 on those two wish denials alone. 

This made WebSkulker laugh

An Indian named Brown Elk walked into the saloon. He was a giant of a man with a six-shooter tucked into his belt, so no one dared ask why he was carrying a pail of manure in one hand and a small cat in the other. 

"I'll have a whiskey," he told the bartender, and after downing the shot, Brown Elk ordered another. Then another. Finally, after his fourth drink, the Indian pulled out his revolver, fired several shots into the bucket, released the cat, then ran after it. When he caught it, he returned to the bar. 

"E-excuse me," said the alarmed bartender, serving him a drink on the house, "but would you mind telling me what that was all about?" 

"My father told me to try and be more like white man," he answered. "So, I came here to have a few drinks, shoot the shit, and chase a little pussy."


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