To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Thursday June 1, 2000

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Frankly, my dear, I don't give a skulk

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Skulking through past issues

WebSkulker mentioned this free Internet surfing machine in the 4/14/00 issue, and he filled in their form to order one at that time.  It arrived a week ago and he likes it a lot, although he doesn't really have a use for it.  Visitors to his house really like it and plan to order one for themselves.

If you already have a personal computer that connects to the Internet, then you will probably be like WebSkulker and play with this for a few minutes and get bored with it.  But for people who don't currently have a way to get online, this machine works great and is extremely easy to setup and use.  It has no functions whatsoever other than web browsing, so there is no confusion with menus or making choices of what program to run, and the user can't make a mistake to hurt the software.  You push one button on the front to turn the machine on, it asks for your password (which you can save to automate the process), then it dials the phone and connects.  When you are done surfing, you press the same button and it disconnects the modem and powers itself off.  Get one for your parents or anyone else who has never used a computer and is afraid to try.

Of course part of the screen space is always taken up by ads, but the web browser window that you control is plenty large enough and comfortable to use.


WebSkulker has gotten complaints from several jr. skulkers that the totally free ISP, Freewwweb, recently changed their software to require ads on your screen whenever you are online.  This is not true; Freewwweb can be used with no ads whatsoever if you follow the instructions for how to sign up in our 2/3/00 issue.  Remember: don't download anything from the Freewwweb site!  It is their new software that causes the problem, but you don't need it!  Read our tutorial at:

Our 5/25/00 issue mentioned a site with a database of detailed information about the U.S. telephone switching network, Skulker Joseph Singer suggested the above site for similar, but more detailed, information about the U.S. West system.  Perhaps some jr. skulkers know about similar sites for other telephone companies.

Share videos of your skulking

MyVideoShare gives you free software for creating videos from a web-cam attached to your PC, and uploading them to their site for free storage and sharing.  You can then include links to your videos on your home page, send a video postcard, or an email with a link to your video that your friends can play in streaming Windows Media Player format.

Since we are talking photography, the KeepSakeCamera site is interesting, more for companies who want to promote themselves, but possibly for the jr. skulker who is planning a big wedding or party.  They sell one-time use 35mm cameras, but customized for your company or event with artwork on the outside and with a band at the bottom of each picture that will be printed with your artwork.  The user gets the film developed anywhere, just like any other one-time use camera, because the band at the bottom is imprinted on the film.  This sounds weird at first, but look at the examples on their web site and it will make sense.

Skulking around on Mars

"This site contains pictures of the planet Mars acquired by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) orbiter through August 1999. MOC consists of three cameras: A narrow angle system that provides grayscale high resolution views of the planet's surface (1.5 to 12 m/pixel in the Mapping Phase of the mission), and red and blue wide angle cameras that provide daily global weather monitoring, context images to determine where the narrow angle views were actually acquired, and regional coverage to monitor variable surface features such as polar frost and wind streaks. Most of the high resolution images are obtained by careful planning and inspection of predicted MGS orbits by Mars scientists working at and/or visiting MSSS."

Even skulkers can have this problem

"Now once your technique has been mastered,
You'll know what your bottom can do,
But ALWAYS remember - don't push too hard,
Coz one day you might follow through !!!! "

It will appear that the home page is nothing but links via buttons at the top, but scroll down because there is a lot of content below.  The button "Unusual and Rude wavs" has a bunch of sound files that are off the topic, but great.  WebSkulkers liked the presidential ones:!.wav!.wav!.wav

This made WebSkulker laugh

A Christian, a Moslem, and a Jewish man, all very pious, met at an interfaith congress and got to talking about the experiences that had lead to their religious devotion. 

The Christian recounted being on a plane when it ran into a terrible storm over a remote wilderness area. "There was lightening and thunder all around us. The pilot told us to brace for the crash. I dropped to my knees and prayed to God to save us. Then for a thousand feet all around us the wind calmed and the rain stopped. We made it to the airport. And since then my faith has never wavered." 

The Moslem then told of a terrifying incident on his pilgrimage to Mecca. "A tremendous sandstorm came up out of nowhere, and within minutes my camel and I were almost buried. Sure I was going to die, I prostrated myself toward Mecca and prayed to Allah to deliver me. And suddenly, for a thousand feet all around me, the swirling dust settled and I was able to make my way safely across the desert. Since then I have been the most devout of believers." 

Nodding respectfully, the Jewish man then told his story. "One Sabbath I was walking back from the temple when I saw a huge sack of money just lying there at the edge of the road. It had clearly been abandoned, and I felt it was mine to take home. But obviously this would have been a violation of the Sabbath. So I dropped to my knees and prayed to Yahweh. And suddenly, for a thousand feet all around me, it was Tuesday."


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