To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.
ISSN: 1527-814X Wednesday January 19, 2000

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Shared skulking

In yesterday's issue WebSkulker mentioned ICQsurf, an add-on for ICQ that lets you chat with ICQ users who are browsing the same web page that you are.  A couple of jr. skulkers pointed out that there are other shared-browsing programs that do the same thing, but without any interface with ICQ.  WebSkulker knew that and mentioned only ICQsurf because he is doing ICQ add-ons this week, but since these readers think the others should be mentioned, here goes:

Talk to your skulking friends

This add-on for ICQ lets you send instant voice messages to people on your ICQ list who also install the program.  When you run Qtalka, you will see a list of people from your ICQ list who are online right now.  Each name will have a + or - in front of it, the + meaning that this person is running Qtalka also.  Double click to establish a connection (they get a prompt to accept or reject) and then press the Talk button and speak into your PC's microphone; whatever you say will come out of your friend's speakers.

There are a couple of other ICQ add-ons like this.  WebSkulker chose this one because it also has a conference mode that lets several people send voice messages to each other simultaneously.  One person runs Qtalka in conference mode and then several others double-click on the host's name to connect into the conference.  The person running the conference should have a high-speed connection to the Internet if very many people will be connected together.

Skulking around in traffic

The owner of this site is an amateur scientist who figured out for himself what causes traffic jams.  He seems to think that he is the first, but he is wrong because all his talk about traffic waves is well known to traffic engineers.  Nevertheless, he explains the concept very well with diagrams, so we recommend that you read it and follow his instructions to minimize the jamming behind your car.  Thanks to Jr. Skulker Tristan Tom for suggesting this.

Gifts for the jr. skulker

Jr. Skulker Lena Diethelm suggested this site which has unusual gifts for computer geeks.

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulker Chris Custer

Top ten slogans for Jenny Craig now that they've hired Monica Lewinsky 

10. Overweight? Get up off your knees and come see us. 

9. Stop looking like fat white trash! Start looking like thin white trash! 

8. Who cares about morality when you look good? 

7. Our meals aren't hard to swallow. 

6. Our choice of spokesperson is as tasteless as our food. 

5. You'll look so good, all the married men you know will want to commit adultery. 

4. We solemnly swear you'll lose weight...but it depends on your definition of "lose." 

3. Monica says, "Mmm mmm," but that's usually all she can say. 

2. Desiree Brown wanted too much money, so we had to hire Monica. 

1. We got Monica to lose weight, and you all know that she'll eat anything.


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