To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.

Thursday January 13, 2000

WebSkulker Newsletter
I want to skulk, just like the skulk,
who blackmailed dear old dad

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Skulking through past issues

In yesterday's issue we related a supposedly true story about a funny incident with a new program for a helicopter simulator used by the Australian military.  Jr. Skulker Kerry Drummond pointed out that this story is a known Internet urban legend with a germ of truth.  For the full story, see:

In our 1/4/00 issue, we encouraged all you jr. skulkers to get $20 for free by signing up with:
and that when you do so, please use "" as the email address that referred you so WebSkulker and the jr. skulker who told us about it will get credit.  Look at this site if you haven't already.

Jr. Skulker Tristan Tom told us that there are other sites that will also give you money for free when you sign up.  Read about these offers at:

WebSkulker is suspicious, but will try it

If you sign up with this site, please use "" as the email address of the "friend" who referred you.

They promise to give you a DSL line including modem totally free, but there are three catches.  First, you must leave a program running whenever you are online that will show ads on a portion of your screen space.  Second, in return for the free gift they are allowed to collect information about you and your Internet habits, and pass that on to advertisers.  Third, you will have to buy the DSL modem for $100, or you can get the modem free if you refer ten other people who sign up for the service.

WebSkulker is very suspicious about whether this company will be able to make enough money from advertising to pay the high cost of supplying DSL lines and modems, but it's probably worth it for you to sign up.  They might well be able to get enough foolish investors to fund their losses for a period of time so you might get the service even if they are losing money.

WebSkulker signed up using the email address "".  If you sign up for the service, please give that as the email address that referred you.  WebSkulker and his cat want our free modem also!

Skulking for geeks

Jr. Skulker JennyAnn suggested this site which has a huge amount of information and active chats about computer systems, chips, PDA's, and tech jobs.

Tell it to say "WebSkulker"

WebSkulker was looking through his browser bookmarks and ran across this old site from 1994.  It still looks and works exactly like it did back then.  At the top of the page is an entry box with the title "This is a searchable index. Enter search keywords".  This wording is erroneous; it isn't a search box, but instead a place for you to type in any sentence.  Press Enter and the server will turn the sentence into very old-sounding synthesized speech and download it to your computer where it should play automatically with any modern browser.

This made WebSkulker laugh

Submitted by Jr. Skulker Giovanni Navarrete

The Amazing Pig

A homeless man stops at a farmhouse to beg to spend the night. The farmer answers the door and says "Sure, we can put you up." 

The vagrant washes up for dinner and meets the family downstairs. Sitting at the dinner table are the farmer, his wife, their son, and a gigantic pig who is sitting at the table like a human. Throughout the meal the vagrant tries not to stare at the pig, who sports three medals around his neck, as well as a wooden leg. 

Finally, he can contain his curiosity no longer. He asks "Would you mind telling me about the bronze medal around your pig's neck?" 

The farmer says "Sure. It's really an incredible story. Little Timmy here was swimming in the lake when he got a cramp and started to drown. This pig heard his cries for help, busted out of his pen, ran to the lake, and saved our son's life. So, we gave him the medal." 

The vagrant is amazed and says "Well, how about that silver medal?" 

The farmer says "A few months ago our house caught fire in the middle of the night while we were all sleeping. This pig saw the flames, busted out of his pen and ran into the house, waking us up in time. To show our gratitude we gave him that silver medal." 

The homeless man says "While I'm at it, I might as well ask you about the gold medal." 

The farmer says "My wife was attacked by a burglar several weeks ago. This pig heard her cries, busted out of his pen, and chased that man far away. To show my thanks I gave him that gold medal" 

The homeless man sits in awe of the pig, who is blithely eating his meal with a knife and fork. He asks "What about the wooden leg?" 

The farmer says, matter-of-factly, "Well, you don't eat a pig like THAT all at once!"


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