To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.

Tuesday September 28, 1999

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WebSkulker makes an offer you can't refuse

WebSkulker is annoyed at all of you jr. skulkers: you just aren't doing your part to help this list grow.  Don't get us wrong, the subscription list is growing and we are pleased with the numbers, but just about every new subscriber has come from WebSkulker's own marketing efforts and not from referrals from present subscribers.

We are working on a new referral system which will be ready later this week.  At that time we will make you an offer you can't refuse:  WebSkulker will tell you about a site that honestly and with no strings attached gives you $50 in long distance service.  You will see that this is totally equivalent to giving you a $50 pre-paid calling card because you use the service by dialing a toll-free number, punching in a PIN, then directing it to dial any number in the world at very decent prices.  You can use this service as much as you want until your $50 is used up, with no obligation to purchase it afterwards (although they of course hope you will).  This system not only is a calling card, but gives you a toll-free number for voice mail and faxes with follow-me capability (it will ring three numbers and your pager simultaneously looking for you!) and it interfaces very nicely with the Microsoft NetMeeting product for computer calls.  This is the best web site that WebSkulker has found in a long time.

In return for telling you about this site, WebSkulker wants the subscriber list to double overnight.  This is easy: we only need an average of one new subscriber from each of you, and we are certain that each of you knows at least several friends and business associates who would enjoy receiving this newsletter every day.  Be thinking about who you know because we will want you to do this later in the week.

Skulking in the real world

Here are several events in the real world that jr. skulkers might enjoy.  The first was submitted by jr. skulker Tristan Tom: National Techie Day, next Tuesday, October 5.  WebSkulker doesn't know anything about this other than the information on their web site, but the point seems to be to get techies involved with their local schools.  Here is a good starting link that explains the program:

If you are able to travel to Las Vegas November 15-19, 1999, and/or January 6-9, 2000, WebSkulker strongly recommends that you attend the Comdex show and/or the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Both of these have huge exhibit areas that fill up the Las Vegas Convention Center and overflow into huge areas of several other hotels, with a fleet of buses ferrying attendees around.  You must have badges to get in, and these are free if you register fairly far in advance, so you should click on these links right now to register even if you aren't sure you can go.

The web sites will scare you with high prices, but those are for the lectures and conferences.  Pay attention to what you are signing up for, and you will find the free exhibit-only badges on the forms.  The badges will be mailed to you several weeks before the shows, but you must still check-in when you get there.

These shows are intended for people in the industry, but nobody checks so just fill in a company name and answer the questions in some way or another.

Everyone will tell you that you must reserve a hotel room months in advance for these shows because everything sells out, but this is simply not true.  WebSkulker goes to at least one -- and often both -- of these shows every year and he never makes reservations in advance; he drives around and sees lots of vacancy signs.

Main Comdex site:

Registration for Nov. 99 Comdex: 
(When asked for a Priority Code, enter "WB")

List of exhibitors:


Main CES site:

Registration for Jan 2000 CES:

Search for exhibitors:


Skulkers need to hide their tracks

Jr. skulker Pat Ryan submitted this site which is home for a free program called Spider that helps you clean up after heavy skulking sessions with Internet Explorer (IE).  The premise is that even if you tell IE to delete its history and cache files, information is left behind on your disk that would enable others to see where you have been skulking..., uh, surfing.  Download and run this program to see and optionally erase the hidden history information.

WebSkulker was skeptical, but he tried this by telling IE to delete the history and cache files, then ran the Spider program.  Just as advertised, Spider showed hundreds of URL's that WebSkulker remembers visiting, many of them months ago!  We then did the Cleanup function which required a reboot, and then the history really did seem to be gone. 

Skulking in the summer rooms

WebSkulker once went on a tour that included a boat ride.  As we got off the boat, the guide told us that "summer rooms" were available at this stop.  "What is a 'summer room'?" someone foolishly asked.  The guide explained: "Some-are for men and some-are for women."

You may need to visit a summer room after seeing this site, and you will definitely want to use the above program to make sure no one knows you were there! 

This made WebSkulker laugh

Ten Things That Would be Different if the 12 Apostles Had Been Gay

10. The Last Supper would have been brunch.

09. The Beatitudes would start, "Fabulous are they....."

08. Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem screams for a production number with lots of ostrich feather palm fronds and a large oyster shell, instead of just a donkey.

07. The water at the wedding feast of Canaan would have been changed not to wine, but to extra dry Bombay Sapphire martinis with a touch of Curacao for color.

06. The temple would not only have been cleansed of money changers, but redecorated as well.

05. Mary's hair would have been flawless.

04. The Gospels would be Matthew, Mark, Lance and Bruce.

03. Priests would have torrid affairs with altar boys ...... wait.  Never mind.

02. Jesus would never wear white after Labor Day.

01. The Sermon on the Mount would have been a musical.


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