To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason.  To move or go in a mean, stealthy manner.

Thursday September 23, 1999

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WebSkulker goofed, and so did these people

WebSkulker never makes a mistake, it's always his cat's fault.  In yesterday's edition, the cat dictated an article about the Pagoo system that claimed Pagoo would always show the phone number of the party who left a message.  This is true for scenario 1 where the calling party dials directly into Pagoo's toll-free number.  But in scenarios 2 and 3 where you forward your phone to the Pagoo number and the caller dials your number, the phone number of the caller will not be shown.

Speaking of mistakes, why would anyone possibly write a Mac emulator for the PC?  Well these people did.  The first link is the description, the second the download site.  WebSkulker mentions this only as a curiosity because this emulator seems pretty useless: it only emulates the old Macs with the 68k chips, not the modern Macs with Power PC chips.  This means that it can't run the latest versions of MacOS or application programs.  The emulator is mainly intended to be run under Windows NT, but they say most functions will work with 95/98.

You can't just download the emulator and run it because it does not contain the code that is in the ROM of a Mac (kind of like the BIOS in a PC).  The emulator when first downloaded will therefore be as brain-dead as a Mac with its ROM pulled out of the socket.  You need to go to a real Mac and run a utility program to copy the ROM code to a disk file, then install that file in the emulator.  Now you have an emulation of a complete Mac, but with no software to run on it so the next step is to get an old copy of the MacOS to boot from.  Up to version 7.5.3 is supposed to be available for free at the Apple web site.

You don't have to skulk around video stores any more

A long time ago, a friend of WebSkulker's mentioned that someone should come out with a service that will deliver rental movies to your house so you don't have to skulk over to Blockbusters all the time.  Such a service is now available to all you jr. skulkers in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York by at reasonable rates, one-hour delivery, and delivery until 1:00 am!  (If you are located in other cities, go to the Kozmo site and register to be notified when they open a local service.)

You register with Kozmo by giving them the usual information including a credit card number to charge items to.  Then search their database of movies and add items to your shopping card:  VHS rentals, DVD rentals, or movie purchases.  When you check out, a delivery van will be dispatched and is supposed to ring your doorbell within an hour.  But wait, there's more!  Kozmo also rents and sells video game cartridges and game systems.  Have a Sega Dreamcast delivered to your door in an hour!  Also music CD's, books, magazines, and junk food/drinks to go with your movies.  Since there is no minimum purchase and no delivery charge, WebSkulker's friend experimented by ordering a single coke for $1.25 and sure enough, the driver arrived within an hour and handed it to him.

Kozmo doesn't pick up the rental movies for free unless a van is already being dispatched to you for more purchases.  But returning movies is easy because they have arranged to place return boxes in many local cafes and businesses.  The Kozmo web page has a search by neighborhood name or zip code to find locations in your area, and they seem to have a lot.  If you really don't want to skulk out of your house to return a movie and you really don't want to buy/rent anything else, they will do a pick up for $1.00.

If you are willing to give Kozmo some money in advance, they will give deep discounts on rentals.  The best deal is to buy $180 worth of Kozmo Points for $100.

WebSkulker needs power

If you have as many electronic toys as WebSkulker, you know you need lots of batteries.  WebSkulker has experimented with rechargeable batteries in the past, but has been disappointed with the NiCad's so he usually buys the cheap 40 pack of Alkaline AA's from Costco.  Jr. skulker Tristan Tom recommends buying the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries and charging kits from Thomas Distributing because they are supposed to last much longer than NiCad rechargeables and have less memory effect, meaning that you don't have to be so careful about how and when you charge them.  The NiMH batteries are available in AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt, and some specialty sizes.  The second link above points to a good starter kit including a charger, 4 AA batteries, and an extra cord to power the charger from a car as well as from home.

Skulking the Force

Jr. skulker Frank Telles suggested this great Star Wars site which contains the complete scripts for every Star Wars movie as well as news, images of posters, pictures and descriptions of toys and memorabilia, video games, and jokes.

This made WebSkulker laugh

Green Eggs & Ham -- Jewish version

Will you never see?
They are not KOSHER,
Let me be!

I will not eat green eggs and ham.
I will not eat them: Sam-I-am.

But I'll eat green eggs with a biscuit.
Or I'll try them with some brisket.
I'll eat green eggs in a box.
If you serve them with some lox.

And those green eggs are worth a try
Scrambled up inside some matzo brei!
And in a boat upon the river,
I'll eat green eggs with chopped liver!

So if you're a Jewish Dr. Seuss fan,
But troubled by green eggs and ham,
Let your friends in on the scoop:
Green eggs taste best with chicken soup!


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